Chronic Caffeine Dependence

by Perkulatory

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    Seven songs of coffee-drenched death metal.
    Artwork by Łukasz Jaszak.

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Finally, a coffee themed death metal band! Perkulatory serves up seven songs with a total of 23 minutes brewing time. A concentrated decoction of brutality with no milk or sugar added.


released July 7, 2017

Coffee Grinder - guitars, vocals
Java Lord - guitars, bass, vocals
Unexpected Visitor - lead vocals



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Perkulatory Stockholm, Sweden

Perkulatory was formed in 2014, bound for writing coffee-drenched death metal. The band hails from Stockholm, Sweden and released their first album "Chronic Caffeine Dependence" in 2017.

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Track Name: Scalding Coffee Enema
Within my chamber of torture
You're shackled and stripped oy your gown
I'm burning with desire to hurt you
Naked in the shadows you're hanging upside down

I watch as you struggle, unable to move
Sweet scent from the pot, soon I'll have my fun
The coffee is ready, I take it from the stove
and approach you, my pretty bondaged nun

The finest beans grinded and blended well
Mercilessly delivered via rectal fennel
Sadistically I pour the boiling coffee
Suffering screams muffle scornful scoffing

The greatest pain you've ever felt
as the java makes your intestines melt
of internal torment you anguished scream
kept awake by caffeine

Your mind can't wander, ever present
Savouring every painful moment
Unbearable ordeal, a fate all to grim
Scalding coffee enema. Filled to the brim

Colombian black hate is ripping you through
Ravished and torn, you're basically screwed
You implore me to end it, but before I let you have death
I make you tell me: "Tack för kaffet!"
Track Name: Latte Art (With a Chainsaw)
In a coffee filtered reality
This ebony nightmare brew
It is surging through me
Dark aromas of death, so deep
they keep me awake
I will never go to sleep
the roastery of hell
is where I abide
planning mocca mastered genocide

empty the unholy chalice
swallow drops of Gevalia malice
caffeine communion and blasphemy
anti christian java anarchy

necrosadistic torture in hell's fires
infernal scalding of the liars
how they tremble in spastic convulsion
suffering the overdosed repulsion
upon the sinners I will draw
my latte art with a chainsaw
Track Name: Decafitated
The black art procedure, a ceremony
Oiling the infernal machinery
Expelling every sign of impurity
There can be no mistakes!
No replacement for this death's affinity
Lead the war on falseness, invariably
A caffeine free existence equals misery
That will never happen on our watch!
Bringing forth the blackest of black
A failure in brewing will take you to the torture rack!
To the rack!
the content of my cup is like a moonless night
I am one with the dark and will never come to light
Through forced gavage you suffer more than a mouthful
If you try to poison me I will drink coffee from your skull
From your skull!
Track Name: Mocca Master
Black clouded steam
from a boiling machine
fueled by the power of hell

an electric device
that will be your demise
once its program has come to an end

Its cogs are turning fast as hell
oozing well-oiled torture smell
liquid death coursing through
soon to rip your soul in two

moving from chamber to chamber with speed
another cup is all I need
seeping water through the funnel
soon to reach a scorched flesh tunnel

Spraying your face
with hot coffee rays
melts your skin,
taking pain to a new level

Black napalm brew
for the chosen few
sworn against god
in league with the devil

in league with the devil

Crushing the weak
no drink for the meek
made from beans
grown in black light

Bringing life to the dead
and it's rightly said
the sacred fuel
for a nation of sleepers

(repeat chorus)

Mocca Master
Infernal disaster
A machine of terror and death
Steam on your skin
The torture begins
Black hot fluid
will quench your last breath!

is a vain ambition
as a swarm of feral claws

are opening your mouth
for the communion of hell
Track Name: Pleasure of Percolation
Unholy bean of the unclean
it is grown near the equator
grinded well where evil dwells
brewn with a percolator
forget speed, all I need
is a nice cup of joe
lethargic, crave black magic
sip the robusta brew

Drinking coffee all the time turns me to a maniac
adenosine receptors lets caffeine in it's embrace
bloodlust set loose by adrenaline indulged insomnia
as my pituitary gland sends me on a brutal rampage

Cease with tricks
I need my fix
fool me with decaf
and awake my wrath
weak drink spill
time to kill
en kopp slät
jesus grät

Coffee, coffee, coffe!
Execution style of your chosing

Pour the potion of mystic vigor
in my coffee cup
leave out milk and sugar
or I'll have to fuck you up

The strongest ebony brew
enough to cause a heart attack
Don't want no macchiato
I prefer my coffee black

Track Name: Mincemeatalization
Legs first into the cogs
Raw meat grinding down
Femur bones split like logs
The crank keeps going round and round

On and on
A merciless spawn
The beast of mutilation
Ripping off your limbs
In revolving spins
Bringer of decimation

Slowly minced
Inch by inch
As blood and pus are spurting
A process crude
Entrails strewed
To the church of flesh (you're) converting

Slowly you're ground down
Lastly comes skull and brains
Makes a cracking sound
gray matter crowning your remains

As gospels foretold
He's on the road
Haunting every nation
People thus
turn to mush
and suffer the mincedmeatalization

An instrument
of dismemberment
A violent intestinal unwinder
Your fate is set
Shredded to death
In Satan's coffee grinder
Track Name: The Haunted Maxwell House Hotel
Midnight approaches in the heart of Nashville
Cultist have gathered with minds set on evil
It's christmas night nineteensixtyone
Time for black mass rite Now the time has come

Entering in silence where restless spirits dwell
into the horrendously haunted Maxwell House Hotel
A clandestine alliance of rituals profound
Gathering for sceance on unhallowed ground

A ghostly presence vibrant throughout the corridors
intensifying greatly on each of building's floors
Phantoms of the clientele - A reminder of it's heyday;
Confederates, a southern belle and ghosts of the kkk

To the fifth floor they ascend the stairs
and solemnly enter the dining room where
beneath a cobwebbed chandelier
they arrange the black candle sphere

carving a pentagram into the floor
into the recess coffee beans are poured
reciting stanzas of satanic lore
summoning their barista lord

It is said the coffee in his cup
was was good to the very last drop
Appearing before them as a spectral entity
They reverently ask him for the secret recipe

But "NO!" says the wight,
"Tremble before my might"
He lets out a ghostly wail
turning all their faces pale
Rapidly their fear grows
as the scream throws
the hotel into shambles
toppling the candles
They stand paralysed
as he goes all out poltergeist

"My secret shall remain in the abyss where I dwell
now (come) join me for coffee legendary even in hell"

In ashes and scorched ruins the hotel meet its fate
cruel winds carry the scent of a glory lost forever
The reward beyond death is to roast slowly in hell
the cultists, still in conspiracy sipping coffee with the devil